How it all began-the dream of a nomadic lifestyle….

We started out in tents and thought there would be no way that we would go to an RV of any type. However, we went to a fat tire festival and decided we could not stand the noise and after a couple of sleepless nights we decided to build our tear drop/square drop. We had fun building it and going camping in it. We joined Tearjerkers (teardrop/tiny trailer group) and started going on some Tearjerker trips where we met some awesome people and also got some more ideas and still have some more on the books for the beginning part of 2019, however not sure if we will have the little camper by the November gathering. But if we don’t they still will love us and we can still join in.

Our thoughts changed in 2017 while we were camping in Florence Marina State Park in Georgia. We hiked Providence Canyon where we met our neighbors from the campground who had a 20 something foot trailer. We got back to the campground and the bugs were awful and it was hot, and while we took showers at the campground and had to fight to put our clothes on (you know the feeling of not knowing whether you dried yourself or if you are in need of another shower from sweating) the neighbors were able to get a shower and dry themselves inside their rig. We thought oh that would be nice. Also, the bugs (no-seeums) were so bad and it was super hot, that after our sweaty showers we had to dive into the camper, which is basically a tent off the ground, which is very conducive to sleep, (best sleep every really), again we envisioned our neighbors making lunch or playing games at the table that we were sure they had in there and hide out until the bugs disappeared later in the day and again thoughts of grandeur came to our minds.

We like to travel and explore and see what is around the next corner, we have flown out west to go to YNP but we always wanted to see all those flyover states and wondered what we are missing but living in west central Florida it is too far to go on our 1 week at a time vacations.

Basically, a week here and a week there is all we get and really that will only comfortably get us from our house as far as out west as Louisiana and as far north as say North Carolina, (while still wasting a day or two traveling) we thought there has to be more.

What gave us the bug to plan on selling it all, get an RV and hit the road, and ask ourselves what are we waiting for? There is a magazine called Cool Tears Magazine which did an article about a girl who sold it all and moved into her teardrop camper, Mandy Lea and we started watching her YouTube channel, which as anyone knows gets you in a rabbit hole you can’t get out of. Her videos hooked us up with Long, Long Honeymoon and Keep Your Daydream, then we started listening to Trisha’s podcast, which of course hooked us with Less Junk More Journey and then you know how it goes, there’s Fate Unbound, Mortons on the Move, Drivin’ and Vibin’, RV Love, Trading Traveler, Finding Our Someday, and the list goes on and on. They all inspired us to ask ourselves “what are we waiting for?” Our three children are adults and doing well and I can get a job anywhere and my husband is self employed. We own our home and have only a small mortgage so there will be equity, we have paid off property in North Florida so why not? So we picked a date, February 1, 2021. We bought a 2019 21 foot Viking, will upgrade the truck and we will hit the road. Our first stop with be someplace in Mississippi as we have never camped there and we are filling up our map (our requirements that it has to be place that we have actually camped, can be a tent or rv as adults-can’t be just a drive through or layover or hotel/cabin stay). After that we plan on going to Mardi Gras, have been to New Orleans a couple of times but never for Mardi Gras, after that who knows, stay south for a while and head north as the weather warms up, (we are Floridians, while I hate our relentless summers, I have to admit as I write this on New Year’s day, I am sitting in my camper with the windows open and pondering air conditioning or no air conditioning it is sort of nice.

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