Let’s discuss weather, the good the bad and the ugly!

Let’s face it we all have camped in less than desirable conditions. There’s the rain, the cold, the rain and cold, the heat, with and without bugs, the rain and heat, the steaming heat and any other combinations out there.

Being a Floridian I am an expert on heat, rain, steaming rain, and bugs combined with any of them. What I am not an expert in is cold, even if a good portion of my camping trips are in the cold by Floridian‘s standards.

Since it it is winter lets discuss the cold first. My camping career, I imagine like most, started off in a tent, first with no luxury of a sleeping mat and a crappy sleeping bag, which made for uncomfortable at best, sleeping conditions. Then we upgraded to sleeping mats and decent bags and a smaller tent (less to heat with body our heat) and we were living in the lap of luxury. Now don’t get me wrong it was still cold, like sleep with all electronics and water filters in our bags so that they wouldn’t freeze, type of cold, however the right gear made it “enjoyable“. A few years ago and many years older we had enough with the tent camping (it was actually at a Fattire Festival that we decided we were done with tent camping, the noise was relentless) so we built our square drop. I love the fact that we don’t really have to “pack” anything except for food and clothes, we are ready to go on a moments notice. It has its downfalls one must still go outside to pee, in the cold, but for the most part it is perfect. We have all or at least most of the luxuries needed. In January we went to a FTA event in Gainesville, we brought our nimble tiny camper and camped at a state park, it was freezing. Generally speaking we never hook up the heater as our body heat makes it nice and toasty, not that weekend however. So we hooked up our heater and was nice and warm only to wake up to freezing rain, oooh how I wanted to be in our 21foot Viking at that moment, which is our next stepping stone, and future home, with a bathroom with cooking inside and no need to deal with the weather. So we decided to head home, grab food on the way but in the meantime we still had to go outside in the freezing rain to breakdown camp and hook up the camper, to do it. We got up, got done and threw the few items we had outside and hooked the car up and even with actually getting dressed and brushing teeth and such were leaving the campground within a half an hour. If it wasn’t raining we would have put on some warm layers (which is a learning curve for us Floridians by the way) and went on the many hiking trails the camp had to offer. So it went. We have gone camping two other times since that cold trip and have had beautiful weather and some crappy weather all in the same weekend, the joys of Florida. Wait 5 minutes and the weather will change. I believe however our last trip (the end of Februar) was the last time for hot chocolate in the morning this season.

I will delve more into details of the heat shortly. But know whatever the weather will be there more than likely will be rain.

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