Making progress slowly

So as time is slowly ticking by we are making progress on getting stuff done around the house and on the camper. We still have a lot to do but everyday as the time passes we are seeing progress. Our youngest is moving away, therefore will be taking her stuff that she has left at our house, plus some extra stuff that we can give her (really does one household need 2 complete pot/pan set, I think not), what she doesn’t want will go in the garage sale pile. It felt good to purge the items from my most hated closet (I called it the pots/pan jenga closet), now it is manageable. We also will probably give her one of the 12 bikes we have in what used to be my sewing room. Doesn’t sound like a whole lot but after she takes the stuff from the house then I will be able to see what’s left. When we move fulltime my scrapbook/cardmaking supplies will be limited (this is what is filling up the rest of this room), while I will take the balance to the cabin I will be bringing 5 buckets and my dies and machine with me in the camper. So I moved all the stuff into those 5 buckets to see if I can live with that little amount of stuff. I will be fine. Now all my stamps and the balance of the room will be going to cabin. Also on the homefront, the screen porch is rescreened (thanks Annette) the nasty fan that was out there is replaced with a light (thanks Mike).

For the camper we (and when I say we, I mostly mean Mike-well I guess we ordered it jointly, but he mostly installed) the soft start for the ac so we can run the ac off the generator, we have 4 solar panels to put up and he was super excited when he got the charge controller, the back up camera (thanks Uncle Bill and Teddy) backsplash installed behind the bathroom and the kitchen sink/stove and the airbags are installed, which will allow us to hopefully, comfortably tow the camper until we purchase a new truck.

I am also making some progress with this blog and will attempt to add more content weekly.

Plus I am making the card kits (thanks Sherrie for the suggestion and your support always)to sell on Etsy store (watch for updates on that in the future and I am going to still sell StampinUp and if you want to know more about StampinUp just ask me.

While we have all the stuff to do here and get ready to sell the house we have just as much to do at the cabin, but once we get the bathroom done up there then we can start moving items up there and cleaning out the house. While we are still out 22 months (or less) before we leave, we at least seem to be moving in the right direction, it’s hard to go through 32 years of accumulation of stuff. My mindset has changed, with everything I purchase I ask myself “do I need it or just want it” if the answer is ”want it” I don’t buy it. After all, it’s just stuff.

With the airbags installed we did a test drive. What a difference. We will still need a new truck, obviously, however for now it will do. Maiden voyage was to the same place we took our tiny camper…..Home Depot. Friday will be our first real trip to Lake Panasofkee, and we are boondocking.

In short I must say it has been a pretty productive week.

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