WEKIWA SPRINGS STATE PARK-Campground Review-Tiny Trailer Gathering

THE WHO: Mike, Eris, the lowrider camping hound and our tiny trailer friends.

THE WHERE: Wekiva State Park, Florida

THE WHEN: April 26-28, 2019

THE LOWDOWN:  42 million gallons of water flow each day from Wekiwa Springs into Wekiwa Springs run.  The run joins Rock Springs to form the Wekiva River.  Just an FYI the Springs are Wekiwa and the river is Wekiva.  Wekiva means “flowing water” in the Creek language  (the Creeks later became the Seminoles, the native Americans not the football team at FSU). The park is 7800 acres, home of 22 distinct and diverse plant communities.  Walking through here one will go from the low, wet river swamp up to the dry, sandy ridges which allows visitors the ability to experience the real Florida.  The river basin is home to more than 50 plants and animals that are listed as endangered or threatened. The signs we saw during our stay was “beware of bears”, sadly we did not see any bears, but I did see a beautiful hummingbird (that pic was really hard to get).

THE REASONS TO GO: We made our reservations for this weekend months ago to go to a Tearjerker gathering, (the Tearjerkers are a tiny trailer group and can be found at tearjerkers.net).  Since we had the tiny trailer we did not get to play in the springs, because we don’t like to leave Eris, the lowrider camping hound, alone too long) but I did start my day out with some beautiful hikes. The first day I had to go to the ranger station to register since we got to the park at 9 p.m. (which was a surprisingly nice ride, and anyone who knows how badly the traffic sucks in the Tampa Bay area and knows me, knows the words nice and driving through Tampa should never be in the same sentence).  My  first hike took me about an hour to do the short  two  round trip miles because I was having fun with my camera. Which if I haven’t mentioned, I love, love, love my Sony a6000.  It was also perfect weather, it was 59 degrees when we woke up.  That too was  surprisingly pleasant.  It did get to the 90’s in the middle of the day but it was still pleasant.  Even though the heat was on it was nice just to chill out at the campsite and since Mike was just getting over pneumonia and he needed the rest it was all good.  Saturday afternoon was the first time he said he felt good in over almost two weeks.  After we relaxed all day we made some macaroni and cheese and headed over to the pot luck and Jimmy and Peggy’s site (but Peggy wasn’t there this time).  It was a small group but we still had a good time.  The second day I got up and walked to the springs, again it was in the 50’s, super nice for the end of April in Florida.  Again, it was only two miles round trip it still took an hour.  I walked on the trails both times.  The reasons to go, are simple, the springs, the hiking (there is 15 miles of hiking), I liked the short trails that I took to the springs and the ranger station and someday we will go back and do some more of the hiking and definitely hit the springs.

The campground has 60 full hook up sites, which apparently must have been our first one that we had with full hook up as Eris, the lowrider camping hound,  freaked out and didn’t know what to make of the sewer connection, it really disturbed her.  We were not hooked up as we had our tiny camper.

It was a great weekend,  and somewhat sad, as the thought that this may be our last weekend in our tiny camper.

If a day in the springs or a day or two of hiking sounds like fun head to Wekiwa Springs State Park in Apopka, Florida.  Reservations can be made at reserveamerica.com

On a side note, when I went to register the line to get in the park was out of the park and coming in from both directions to spend the day at the springs, so get there early. Honestly, if they were in my neighborhood I would be going every weekend too.  The real Florida is better than the theme parks, just sayin’.

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