And totally on my cell phone.  No salesman, no hassle, super simple done in the privacy of our home.  So how it works: just put in the type of vehicle that you are interested in, with your needs and wants and browse through the hundreds or thousands of vehicles.  On this one particular Tuesday night we found our truck and then started the loan application, which was emailed to me and completed and all I had to do was review, initial at the bottom and sign and  all of this was  done with my finger, by now I have moved from the dinner table to the living room, and within 5 minutes I received a phone call from a man at Carvana, who congratulated us on our purchase, and confirmed our pick up time for 6:45 on that Friday (we could have had it on Thursday but figured Friday would be better for work reasons).

Let me back up a bit, Mike and I have been looking for a truck for a while so we can tow our 21 foot Viking comfortably.  Mike’s current truck did it on one trip but we were due for a new one as his ol’ Chevy has 200,000 miles on it and is only rated to pull 5000 lbs.  We both dislike car dealers (don’t think I know anybody who really cares for them) so we were going to them when they were closed, looking around and taking down stock numbers that interested us and then would call them to see what kind of deal they could make, they called back after they spoke to their manager.  We originally said we wanted new but for the cost difference we were able to get a lightly used truck for half the price.  After dealing with the dealers we decided to check out Carvana (after we decided used was the way to go-to get us out there sooner) and this leaves us back to where we were before. We found our ideal truck at a price that we liked and it had all the features plus some, so we hit buy now. After the application was signed and sent back to them we received the phone call from the the nice, not pushy man, from Carvana  (afterall there was no selling that needed to be done, he didn’t have to check with his manager or any of that) he explained what would happen on deliver day.  We chose to pick it up from the vending machine, which is 8 stories and holds about 32 cars.  We wanted the full experience, he explained that when we arrive we would meet with a deliver representative (not sure if that is what they are called but that is what they did) and they would give us our token, we would put in the machine (yes you can ask to keep the token) and then the machine would fetch your vehicle and deliver it to the ground and at the time we would be able to look the vehicle over and take it for a spin and if it is all great then all we have to do is sign the registration and title transfer paper work.  No money is taken until after the test drive and you decide to take it home.  We also received a 7 day no question ask, money back guarantee. The only items we needed to bring with us was our driver’s licenses and proof of insurance for the new vehicle.  We arrived about 30 minutes early (surprisingly easy getting out of Tampa) and when we turned the corner we saw our truck, it was too big for the vending machine, sigh. However, in retrospect it was ok since Mike and Nick could lay down on the ground and check out the underneath since she was from Jersey we wanted to make sure she wasn’t rusty (oh you get that information from the Carfax that is provided when you are looking at the vehicles), so by the time the delivery person showed up we were ready for the test spin.  Which we did and were smitten, she is everything we want and need in a truck so that we can go on our next adventures.  When we returned, all we had to so was sign and we were good to go but to not to make us feel cheated out of the whole vending machine experience, Ivan (our delivery person) brought us down another vehicle to see how the whole process works.  Super cool.

The bottom line, we love our new truck and can’t wait to take her on adventures.  The process is super simple, the experience was fun and I don’t believe we will purchase another vehicle any other way.  Oh and I got to keep the token.

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