It was a sad day the other day when I was coming home and pulling out of my driveway was our tiny camper to go to her new home.  I know it’s silly but it made me a sad.  We can’t have two campers and we can’t live in our tiny camper (obviously) so we had to sell her.  She went to a good home and her new owner is excited and hopefully she will have many exciting adventures with her.

Our tiny camper adventures began when we were still tent camping at a Fat Tire Festival (which is a mountain bike festival and yes we have mountain bike trails in Florida).  The tent leaked (which was also sad because that was our favorite tent) but the real selling point was the noise, it was so very loud, we said at that time we will get a camper.  Then we forgot, and in 2016 we went to another Fat Tire Festival, with a new, non-leaking tent, and it was still equally as loud if not louder than the last time, so we said next year we will have a camper.  So we would not forget we began building her on Thanksgiving weekend of 2016 and named her Escape Pod because she could take us away and away she did, and for the next Fat Tire Festival we were prepared and had a great time and didn’t care how noisy it was (we were told it was just as noisy).

Our tiny little Escape Pod took us on many adventures.  Our first adventure began on March 30, 2017, when we were heading to Raleigh, North Carolina for a race,  our first night was spent at Mike Ross Goldhead Branch State Park (great park, great hiking trails-we went there again after and I backpacked in one time a long time ago, oh the bathrooms were great and had a lot of hot water).  It was at that point that we realized how great it is to be small and  to not have to worry about what time you pull into a site at night, as it isn’t an issue as we simply were able to pull straight in, hook up electric and go to sleep, and deal with everything in the morning.  After a wonderful, first night sleep we left for North Carolina where we stayed at Falls Lake State Park, (great park but no hot water) then to Stevie and Maggy’s house in Charlotte, NC (they just moved up there) and we moochdocked on their street, the joy of having a tiny camper no one  knew we were actually sleeping in there.  Every since that first trip we have made it a monthly habit.  She took us on local trips, and to faraway places. We went to Raleigh, NC, Virginia Beach, VA (beautiful campground but we were in a tent site, which is another convenience to a tiny camper, however it did not have electric which = no ac, Virginia Beach, Labor Day weekend crazy hot), southwestern GA, southeastern GA, New Orleans, LA, the north Georgia mountains and Chehea, Alabama.  She took us to quite a few TearJerker gatherings, where met life long friends and we are reassured that even though we are big now we can still come to the gatherings.

Our tiny little Escape Pod also has sparked our dreams and started our big adventure, which will begin in 87 weeks.  Because of our tiny camper we were reading Cool Tears Magazine (a monthly magazine about teardrops) and joined TearJerkers.  In one of the issues of Cool Tears there was a story about a girl who was living in her tear drop camper and she had/has a YouTube Channel, thanks Mandy Lea.  YouTube sucked us into all the rest, like YouTube does, there was Keep Your Day Dream and because of Tricia’s podcast I heard about Less Junk More Journey, and then it was Hebard’s Travels, (great book John Hebard and I love texting with you Laura Hebard), Drivin’ & Vibin’ (can’t wait to meet Kyle and Olivia at Vibin’ Weekend) and  RV Love, You, Me and the RV, I’m not Lost I’m Rving, Traveling Robert,  Morton’s on the Move and the list goes on and on and on and on. They have all been inspiring and have caused us to change our life’s path and for that I will always be grateful but I will also remember it started with a tiny camper we called Escape Pod and I am  every so thankful for my Husband and bestfriend Mike for always fueling my adventures and always making them a reality.

Travel on my friends until next time…..


  1. Sad to lose your baby girl trailer but what a story!! And, onward to bigger things!! Yet..still small enough to roam the country.
    Go sleep around! Haha


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