Memorial Day Weekend found us at home entertaining, for the first time in forever, while some things were the same, some were different. Shan and Christian came down for a long weekend. Mike and I moved into the camper for the few days they were here. I must say, we sleep so well in the camper. Shan and I both became doTerra Wellness Advocates. We both love essential oils so it was just a matter of time before we actually got more involved. So her and I spent a good amount of time with Nancy getting to knows the ins and outs. On Sunday of the weekend we had everyone over, there were almost as many pups as there were humans. It was fun and great to see everyone. There were no hugs but at least we got to hang out together.

Our future plans do not include us taking Gilligan (our cat) with us. I would be afraid he would get out in some remote location and we would lose him. We already knew that going in, Annette was going to take him to Maine, however, our friends really want a pet, so we “lent” Gilly to them this past weekend. Gilly now has a new home. They love him (of course there is not much not to love about this little guy) and I know Nya will be a great cat mom. Sorry Annette but I’m happy he is staying a Floridian and I know you were just taking him to help me out, so you are off the hook.

We went to the cabin where Mike is about done with the bathroom. Nick and I busted our backs on his property and because so we can now drive back there with the truck and trailer. Which will make building the shop sooooo much easier. We have a gate between the properties and we are all secure. We cleaned up an area big enough for our camper or any other camper to park back there. We will keep chiseling away at it, little by little so that we can even make more room. There are trees to move and stumps to grind, we will get it done little by little.

We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant in town on Saturday night. They are open with 50% capacity. This was the first restaurant we actually sat inside to eat since March 15. We were debating about eating in or out, but we choose in as every other table was missing so we felt relatively safe. We came home and walked out to Nick’s property and saw one of the most beautiful sunrises.

Next time up we are bringing things that we are storing there and going to start the shop. Our hopes is to have that complete by Labor Day. Time is ticking sometimes slowly but sometimes quickly as we get ready to move on to our next chapter in our life.

Next weekend we are going camping, finally, we have had reservations since November and thankfully they are not cancelled. I did a campground review about Silver Springs previously, so I am curious as to what will be different between this weekend’s (Covid) trip from that trip (pre-Covid). I will do an updated review next week. We bought a bike rack and if Mike can get it installed on the camper before the weekend I will do a review on that as well.

The latest in the news is George Floyd, which was so sad that one human can treat another that way and murder them for the world to see and I understand why the non-white community would be angry. Hell I am white, vanilla white, and I was pretty pissed and couldn’t believe it. A human whoever, whatever race, nationality, religion, etc., should not treat another human that way. JUST BE KIND is what I say, the Golden Rule-wonder if some people have ever heard of that, treat others as to how you want to be treated. I think these were taught to us or should have been taught to us as young children. Where are people’s morals. Anyway, we were up at our cabin this weekend and as we were driving thru Tampa traffic stopped. We were wondering what was going on. After getting off the interstate and then back on miles up the road and seeing all the police presence Mike googled what was going on. There were riots happening in Tampa. I understand the right to protest, however, I do not understand what burning gas stations and looting the mall is going to do. Violence promotes violence. The peaceful protester’s message is now lost because all that can be seen is innocent people, and their businesses are being destroyed. I once worked for an attorney who said don’t trust the cops, which I don’t for the most part, however, what did the Tampa, Atlanta, NYPD, Chicago, and other police departments across the nation and even Portland Maine’s PD have to do with the unfortunate and senseless death of George Floyd? While I am not a big fan of the police, I do expect them to defend themselves against people who are attempting to harm them or others that they are supposed to serve and protect. This shouldn’t be a majority/minority issue, this should be a human issue. We as humans need to work together not against each other and solve these issues. There will always be bad eggs out there, like that piece of crap cop, that murdered George Floyd, but people need to not stoop to his ignorance and be bigger then him and find a solution and violence is not the answer.

Okay I am off my soap box, sorry about the rant but I would love for everyone to remember the Golden Rule and JUST BE NICE. One of the big joys of us being at the cabin, we didn’t know anything about the riots, except that they were happening in Atlanta because Shannon told us, other than that nothing else. Who says ignorance isn’t bliss? I believe sometimes it is exactly that.

Have a great week, hopefully next week will be a better report, and I will update ya’ll with a campground review of a Florida State Park, during the times of Covid.

Peace and stay safe,


Beautiful sunset at the cabin

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