Finally, Gonna Get to Catch Up-As We Continue West We Finally Made It to the Seattle Area…

We left off in Wallace, Idaho and as we continued to the west we were still looking for places with hook-ups and ended up in Vantage, Washington.  While we were excited to add another state to our map, first glance in Washington left us both thinking ehhh…. Alot of farm land and just not all that pretty compared their eastern neighbor of Idaho.  But we were able to get reservations which was huge as the heat was on.  We got all settled in at Vantage RV Park, on the Columbia Gorge, while it would be prettyish under normal conditions, nothing was pretty there.  It was 105-115 degrees, the ac ran and ran and barely kept up, our refrigerator could barely keep up, the sides of our rig were not able to be touched.  Eris could barely be taken out for walks as the ground was ridiculously hot.  Anyway, we spent a couple days there went to Yakima only to be able to stay in ac, which was interesting.  But nothing honestly happened in Vantage, Washington.  

As we continued to head west we had a few days before we were meeting our friends in Olympia so we headed towards Seattle and we were seeing Washington as we imagined it.  We stayed at Tall Chief RV Park/Resort. It is a Thousand Trails park, while we are not TT members I could definately see the alure. It had a pool, pickle ball and basketball courts and really nice shaded campsites.  The more west we headed the prettier the state became. 

We have a bunch of rv memberships, one of which is Passport America, which until Vantage we have never used and I was thinking when it is time to renew we will not be renewing it, however, at Vantage it saved us $24.00 on our stay but at Tall Chief it saved us $106.00.  I am hoping it will save us money as we head towards the east.  Anyway, our stay at Tall Chief was very nice, people were nice and it was a good place to see Seattle and Snoqualmie Falls.  

One day we headed to Seattle with a stop at REI, oh my it was like we arrived at Mecca, it was so amazing.  We spent a few hours there and drooled all over the stuff we would love to purchase.  After leaving there we headed toward downtown, fish market, space needle as we are tourists and wanted to see it all.  I got to do all of my street photography and was in total heaven. We stopped at a sports bar for lunch where the special of the day was buy a sandwich get one free.  That was a score, sandwich was good and well worth the cost.   We did not realize how hilly Seattle was and at that point we were grateful that the Rock n Roll Marathon did not fall on a time when were there (we have a deferred race and Seattle was one of those locations-we are signed up for Savannah in November).  We parked by the Space Needle where we spent $20.00 (a lot of our  to park and started walking.  We got to the fish market and enjoyed walking around and saw the gum wall, which was fun.  Then we made our way up the sidewalk that was at a 16% grade, the hills are no joke, they have a handrailing on the side of the building for either to catch you as you head down or to use as you pull yourself up.  Once at the top it leveled slightly and we headed to the monorail as our time in Seattle was coming to an end.  

A couple days later we headed to Snoqualmie Falls.  Snoqualmie Falls is the Pacific Northwest’s “great natural wonders.” It plunges 270 feed which is 10 stories higher than Niagara Falls.  Thankfully, it was sort of cloudy, which always make for the best waterfall photos.  After doing the hike around the falls (which Eris was able to do) we decided to head to the little downtown area.  What an adorable little town that is rich in history.  It has a train museum, but since we had Eris with us we were only able to go to the outside exhibits.   There is a brewery and many restaurants and parks and trails and we highly recommend a stop there if in the area. 

Our time in the area was coming to an end as we continued to make our way to Olympia where our friends were going to be waiting for us.  So next week’s blog post will be about the rest of our time in Washington State.  

The reason I am behind is because service has been questionable and I have been working on my Etsy store, I am selling my prints in the form of cards, however other formats are available, check out my store at 

Until next time, as always, keep exploring, discovering and dreaming,

Hope, Mike and Eris, the lowrider camping hound.

We can be found on social media at and and of course on FB at whatrwewaiting4 and hopelmichaudphotography

2 thoughts on “Finally, Gonna Get to Catch Up-As We Continue West We Finally Made It to the Seattle Area…

  1. We really loved seeing you guys. Can’t wait to connect again (hopefully in Yellowstone). Thanks for making the stop in Cathlamet.


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