This will more than likely be short and sweet as not much is happening.

Saturday we did some camper organization and some weight distribution and some more boxing stuff up.

Covid cases are up and we aren’t really interested in hanging out, or should I say in. For Father’s Day, Mike, my best friend and the best Dad to our children, wanted to go to the beach, so the beach we went, the beach is not my fav place, hard to believe a Floridian who doesn’t like the beach except for a nice sunrise or sunset, but it was Father’s Day so I couldn’t say no. We met Nancy, Mark and Nya there as well. The beach of choice was Ft. Desoto. We got out there early enough but there was still a line to get in. Nancy said it was an hour for them to get in and they were only 15 minutes behind us. I am guessing head count is what the jam is all about. We went to the side of the beach that is usually less crowded and as expected it was, after all we are trying to do our part. After we started feeling a little crispy we left and it was time for lunch. We brought lunch with us, so Mike and I went to the shaded picnic area found a table and ate lunch. We attempted to walk the little nature trail but this is mid June in Florida the bugs chased us off. I got some great pics and played around with some different lenses.

After we were done at the beach we headed home, got cleaned up and headed to Mom and Dad’s for dinner. We brought Sonny’s with us and had a nice evening. We were able to Zoom with Annette which thrilled the parental’s.

So all in all it was a nice sort of productive and fun weekend.

Until next time,


My bestie

Weekend to Remember (24) Cabin and the start of moving on up and out….

We loaded up the box trailer with the first load of stuff we are keeping and headed to the cabin. Our goal was to get the bathroom completed, storage shelves in place and then possibly build some of the shop and continue on working on clearing some of Nick’s property. Mike continued on the bathroom while Nick and I worked on the property. By the time we were done working on the property (because we were hot, tired and sore but mostly hot) Mike was done with the bathroom so they unloaded the trailer and while they continued working on some outside stuff I started going through the boxes I packed months ago. Mostly pictures that are stored on the shelves and albums, which are stored in the main cabin and a lot of stamping supplies. So much stuff, that I am not sure if I will ever use the stamping stuff to justify keeping it. Maybe after a year if I don’t use it I will get rid of it.

Downsizing is somewhat problematic, after all I have lived in my house nearly 33 years and have accumulated that much crap as well. And really do we need, totally guessing here, 50+ pint glasses that we have collected from the different breweries? I think not, so while we don’t want to get rid of them all, we also have regular glasses at the cabin. So the plan is to bring up the pint glasses, after all they remind us of fun places, and change them out with the boring regular glasses. But we are only replacing and not taking them all up, the rest maybe we will give away as parting gifts. I also have this owl cookie jar, it is an antique for sure, while I want to keep the cookie jar, I am 100% sure I don’t need to keep the contents of it. We have begun calling it the DNA cookie jar. The owl sits on this shelf above the refrigerator and when the kids were little and would lose their teeth we (or should I say the tooth fairy) would put the teeth in there. Also what could be found in there is undeveloped film. I have no idea from what era they are from but they are gone. So needless to say downsizing is difficult. This is just one example. But I am taking the approach does this particular item bring me joy, if the answer is no, it’s just taking up space.

Another huge, super huge, downsizing issue for me is, besides making cards (stamping, etc.), my biggest hobby is photography. I love, love, love taking photos, always have (true story one week in Yellowstone =~1459 pictures-ones I had to have all of them developed because there wasn’t digital), that hasn’t changed, except for the fact I can now choose what I want to print, which is somewhat a difficult situation for me. Not to mention, printing and sharing is what I like to do. Not sure what I am going to do with all the photos but yet I still print. I am now giving some away as gifts (sorry for all my family who is running out of wall space but…) and will be reopening my Etsy store to hopefully sell some as well and figured this is something I can do while on the road. Be on the look out for my Etsy Store announcement.

This is just my issues with stuff, I am getting rid of a ton and besides the pictures and homemade things (like quilts and needlecraft, paintings and things) I don’t really have much of an attachment to anything else. Mike on the other hand doesn’t have the same attachment issues (except with his tools of course and we are building him a shop for them). But yet he still has a lot of stuff. So do we plan on a garage sale (uggggg) or Facebook Market Place or just dump the stuff? This is the questions we continue asking ourselves.

Now while we are working on the cabin and getting it ready we need to work on our current home to get it ready to sell. We have inside work and outside work. While we just repainted the outside last year we don’t need to do that however, the inside needs work. Mike says he can knock it out in a short time and we will plan on moving into the camper by the middle of September so that we can get it done. I have started doing somethings so far, like starting taking the wallpaper off the wall, emptied out one bedroom and organized the bike room.

Anyway, while up at the cabin this past weekend we accomplished a lot and are moving right along, including Mike and Nick doing the framing of the floor for the shop. Plus we even took sometime and headed down and walked the US 90 Bridge, took a ride on a country road, saw some great boondocking spots, not sure if I would bring my camper down there but if I had a van or wanted to tent camp I would be so on it.

It seems like we always start building in the summer, like always. I might mention that summers are not the funnest time to be in Florida. Since the property is in the middle of north Florida (Florga as we like to call it) there are no sea breezes and we found that if it is hot in St. Pete it is hotter at the property. So needless to say it was hot and omg buggy up there. We will have to go up often like at least every other weekend so that we can accomplish what we want to get done by September and in the meantime continue to work on our house in St. Pete and any other modification to the camper that still may need to be done (not much now).

After this past weekend we feel accomplished.

Until next time,


Some boxes. It’s a beginning.
Our bathroom with storage and composting toilet.
Clearing the property
Highlight of the weekend.


Can you hear the excitement in my voice? Yes we did it, we finally were able to venture out for the weekend and camp beyond our backyard. We had these reservations for about 6 months or so and weren’t sure if they were going to actually happen or be cancelled but THEY DID HAPPEN!!!! It was even the usual crowd of Nancy, Mark, Nya, Nick, Mike, Eris (the lowrider camping hound) and I, we all headed to Silver Springs State Park. I did a campground review about this park previously and I will say it is still a favorite of ours. It was so nice to have a slight bit of normalcy, even if it was a little different. Of course the big deal this weekend was the questionable weather as there was a tropical storm in the Gulf and we were on the rain side of it, but we didn’t let that stop us. So rain it did, but the wind wasn’t that bad in the middle of the state and we were able to keep the awning open a good portion of the weekend and it also kept the bugs away (mostly). While the little museum was closed (which we highly recommend) and the gift shop on the attraction side of the park, the glass bottom boat ride and the kayak/canoe rentals were open.

We were wondering how checking in would be to the campground. It was pretty much contactless. They stood back from the car and handed us our hang tag. They had ice and firewood (which was not needed-it’s June in Florida-not to mention the rain flooded out the firepits, sort of looked like mini swimming pools) on a donation, contactless operation.

We did walk around on the other side at the gardens and then we went back to the campsite, had lunch, hung out and worked our way back to the kayak/canoe rentals but when we got there apparently there was lightening happening an hour away so they couldn’t rent anymore out, so we decided to do the glass bottom boat tour. Which we were lucky enough to score the last tour due to the incoming weather. We were wondering how “safe” the boat ride was, it was very safe. We sat back from the boat captain and each party was separated by 6 feet. There was hand sanitizer available before and after entering the boat. The bathrooms were spotless. When we got back to the campsite the wind was picking up slightly so we started to put everything away as best we could and pulled the awning in and what was left out got hosed. We hung out and went to dinner. After dinner, Nancy, Mark and Nya headed home as everything was soaked and they knew they were not going to miss anything since it called for nonstop rain for the duration of the weekend.

This was the first time since a couple of upgrades we did to the camper that we towed our camper anywhere, we weren’t sure how our distribution was going to be. The Corona (all upgrades were the wall, with the TV and the fireplace and the addition of the bike rack with the bikes. We were a little concerned. While bringing the bikes was a waste of time and just gave us more stuff to clean when we got home the rack did well. I followed Mike back from his shop to the house and the bikes didn’t move at all. Nice and sturdy. I’m curious on how it will do on the Mississippi and Louisiana roads but we shall see. I am hopeful. The towing did great. But before we left for St. Pete, with all the rain, we forgot to fill our fresh tank so there was a little porpoising (very little) so we stopped at an Escapee’s park and filled up our water and the porpoising stopped.

As we were driving down the country roads heading back to St. Pete., I was happily realizing that soon we won’t have to make this trip, except to see family and friends, even with the crappy weather I was that thought that kept me smiling. We passed farms and you pick fields and was thinking of how nice it will be to be able to visit some of these places and not be in any hurry to get home to empty the camper, and get ready for work again on Monday. Soon that is what I kept and keep telling myself.

I must also say it was nice to be away from the the news even if it was short lived.

Well I am going to keep this one short and sweet, if you want to know more about Silver Springs State Park check it out here: https://whatrwewaiting4.com/2019/07/29/following-the-brown-signs-and-campground-review-silver-springs-state-park/

Until next time….


From the boat
A couple of turtles
Our bikes nice and secure (pic taken from my car)


Memorial Day Weekend found us at home entertaining, for the first time in forever, while some things were the same, some were different. Shan and Christian came down for a long weekend. Mike and I moved into the camper for the few days they were here. I must say, we sleep so well in the camper. Shan and I both became doTerra Wellness Advocates. We both love essential oils so it was just a matter of time before we actually got more involved. So her and I spent a good amount of time with Nancy getting to knows the ins and outs. On Sunday of the weekend we had everyone over, there were almost as many pups as there were humans. It was fun and great to see everyone. There were no hugs but at least we got to hang out together.

Our future plans do not include us taking Gilligan (our cat) with us. I would be afraid he would get out in some remote location and we would lose him. We already knew that going in, Annette was going to take him to Maine, however, our friends really want a pet, so we “lent” Gilly to them this past weekend. Gilly now has a new home. They love him (of course there is not much not to love about this little guy) and I know Nya will be a great cat mom. Sorry Annette but I’m happy he is staying a Floridian and I know you were just taking him to help me out, so you are off the hook.

We went to the cabin where Mike is about done with the bathroom. Nick and I busted our backs on his property and because so we can now drive back there with the truck and trailer. Which will make building the shop sooooo much easier. We have a gate between the properties and we are all secure. We cleaned up an area big enough for our camper or any other camper to park back there. We will keep chiseling away at it, little by little so that we can even make more room. There are trees to move and stumps to grind, we will get it done little by little.

We went to our favorite Mexican restaurant in town on Saturday night. They are open with 50% capacity. This was the first restaurant we actually sat inside to eat since March 15. We were debating about eating in or out, but we choose in as every other table was missing so we felt relatively safe. We came home and walked out to Nick’s property and saw one of the most beautiful sunrises.

Next time up we are bringing things that we are storing there and going to start the shop. Our hopes is to have that complete by Labor Day. Time is ticking sometimes slowly but sometimes quickly as we get ready to move on to our next chapter in our life.

Next weekend we are going camping, finally, we have had reservations since November and thankfully they are not cancelled. I did a campground review about Silver Springs previously, so I am curious as to what will be different between this weekend’s (Covid) trip from that trip (pre-Covid). I will do an updated review next week. We bought a bike rack and if Mike can get it installed on the camper before the weekend I will do a review on that as well.

The latest in the news is George Floyd, which was so sad that one human can treat another that way and murder them for the world to see and I understand why the non-white community would be angry. Hell I am white, vanilla white, and I was pretty pissed and couldn’t believe it. A human whoever, whatever race, nationality, religion, etc., should not treat another human that way. JUST BE KIND is what I say, the Golden Rule-wonder if some people have ever heard of that, treat others as to how you want to be treated. I think these were taught to us or should have been taught to us as young children. Where are people’s morals. Anyway, we were up at our cabin this weekend and as we were driving thru Tampa traffic stopped. We were wondering what was going on. After getting off the interstate and then back on miles up the road and seeing all the police presence Mike googled what was going on. There were riots happening in Tampa. I understand the right to protest, however, I do not understand what burning gas stations and looting the mall is going to do. Violence promotes violence. The peaceful protester’s message is now lost because all that can be seen is innocent people, and their businesses are being destroyed. I once worked for an attorney who said don’t trust the cops, which I don’t for the most part, however, what did the Tampa, Atlanta, NYPD, Chicago, and other police departments across the nation and even Portland Maine’s PD have to do with the unfortunate and senseless death of George Floyd? While I am not a big fan of the police, I do expect them to defend themselves against people who are attempting to harm them or others that they are supposed to serve and protect. This shouldn’t be a majority/minority issue, this should be a human issue. We as humans need to work together not against each other and solve these issues. There will always be bad eggs out there, like that piece of crap cop, that murdered George Floyd, but people need to not stoop to his ignorance and be bigger then him and find a solution and violence is not the answer.

Okay I am off my soap box, sorry about the rant but I would love for everyone to remember the Golden Rule and JUST BE NICE. One of the big joys of us being at the cabin, we didn’t know anything about the riots, except that they were happening in Atlanta because Shannon told us, other than that nothing else. Who says ignorance isn’t bliss? I believe sometimes it is exactly that.

Have a great week, hopefully next week will be a better report, and I will update ya’ll with a campground review of a Florida State Park, during the times of Covid.

Peace and stay safe,


Beautiful sunset at the cabin



I am not sure what week of my Weekend to Remember Series this is, as they are all blurring together and there is nothing new to talk about, which I am guessing is the new norm.  We are all on the perpetual hamster wheel of what we are calling life.   We are finally not under a stay at home order and things are starting to open up. This whole time  (besides not being able to hug the people I love-which I still miss) I thought I was missing being able to go to a restaurant, be waited on and drink a draft beer from a real glass and be able to leave the mess behind, however,  now that the restaurants are open, I am not in that much of a hurry, I am enjoying the space and used to just taking food home and eating it there.  It surprised me.  What I am grateful for, besides the obvious that all of my family and friends are healthy, is that I have a job and really never lost the job because of Covid.  I did get a new job during this time, which was weird in itself, to go to a job interview via Zoom and it all worked out.

Another thing I am grateful for with things opening up besides the ability to get a haircut is that our favorite brewery, 3 Daughters is now open for food and drink.  We were so missing  the ability to just go there and hang out.  A week before they officially opened with food and seats to sit on, we did our monthly 3 miles from 3D, (a monthly run) we got food from Chipotle, beer from 3D before they closed for the day (they were able to sell beer to go), went for a walk, came back and sat on the ground and ate our food in the empty parking lot. It was fun to do something that we used to take for granted.  I am super happy to report that they are now open, seats are spaced, and delicious food is being served and hard water, beer and ciders are being poured.  We couldn’t get there fast enough.  We did another 3 miles from 3D that first Wednesday they were reopened, while it was different it felt like going home.

State parks have begun opening, in this Phase 1 of the reopening of the country, for day use only at first and then on May 20, for camping.  We went for a great day hike on Mother’s Day, which was amazing to us, the smell of the fresh air, air not surrounded by concrete.  In “normal” years Florida has a short hiking season, where the temps are low or at least lower and the bugs are the least and the last few months were those months and we weren’t able to hike, but as soon as they opened up we were there.  We started off on beautiful morning, not too hot yet,  but as we returned to the car it was hot. We (my Mom, Mike, Jes, Chris, the four legged grands, Mark, Nancy, Nya and myself) did a nearly 5 mile hike, came back to a picnic lunch. The trails had people on it, all of us just trying to redirect our life on the hamster wheel.  I must say it was nice to be in the woods, get some fresh air and enjoy each other’s company. I got to hug my Mommy too.

Later that day we went to my inlaws, we stopped at Sonny’s grabbed some curbside pick up and brought dinner, watched a little YouTube (Traveling Robert’s Yellowstone, to be exact) and had a nice visit. We were even able to FaceTime Annette so she could wish Mom a happy Mother’s Day as well and be seen.

Some weekends we have been camping in our backyard since getting on this hamster wheel. We have been adding more stuff to the camper and getting ready for us to be able to hit the road.  Some parts of being on the perpetual hamster wheels have been ok, as we are able to concentrate on doing things to the house, camper and cabin that need to get done before we hit the road, which the date is coming up quick.

The normal hamster wheel looks something like this, we work all week, yoga Monday’s (oh how I miss yoga Monday’s), one Wednesday night a month, 3 miles from 3D, (we sort of made our own) one Friday am a month, dinner rides from our favorite bikes shops (Trek of St. Pete and ABC Bikes) (which they obviously had to be cancelled), oh how I miss those peeps, and for the last few years we have been camping at least one weekend a month somewhere not in our backyard.  So this staying home thing has enabled us to go to the cabin (we are self isolated up there, naturally), get some stuff done, to enable us to make it our future home base, work on the camper for things we want to get done and work on the house (which besides packing up some stuff not much has been done, yet). So staying at home has been somewhat productive.  But I must say it has been surreal.  

I went downtown a couple of weeks ago during the week just to get some photos of how things looked, during lunch time, during the week.  It was very strange.  It looked like we were expecting a hurricane, everything closed up, no tables out and pretty empty.  The few of us that were out were just walking or running for exercise but other than that it was empty.  Plenty of parking out there but of course nothing to do.

This past weekend it was a different story.  Saturday night Jes, Chris, Nick, the pups, Mike and I went to the dog beach at Ft. Desoto.  While I am no longer a huge beach person, I do love the sunsets and that night it did not disappoint.  It was crowded but again people kept their distance.  Sunday we headed downtown which was equally as packed but people seemed to be keeping their distances there as well.  We had breakfast at the Wooden Rooster, enjoying the outside tables as we are not ready to sit inside a restaurant just yet and besides the fresh air did us some good.

Some more positive outcomes with being on the hamster wheel  are changes that I have been making to assist us when we hit the road, I have upped my Zooming ability, which will assist me to be able to go remote,  working with someone on  a project that I can take anywhere (but can’t get started until all of this is over) I have decided to reopen my Etsy shop, and I have decided to become an Independent Wellness Advocate with doTerra. More about those changes to come. For now just trying to figure it all out and with all the extra time of not going out all the time having fun I am able to work on different projects that I have always wanted to get to.  

The thing I find most interesting about all of  this is the fact that the whole nation/world are all on the same hamster wheel, just trying to make it spin in the same direction.  We can speak to someone on the other side of the nation and ask them what’s going on and the answers are going to be about the same as what we are going through. It just proves that it is a small world and we are one in this world and fight.

Soon I will be able to get back to campground reviews and fun things on the weekends but for now it is what it is…. and until next time….

Keep spinning and stay safe….


Boyd Hill Preserve, St. Pete FL


I believe all of us are sick of the Coronavirus and hearing speculations and confusing facts, I know I am. On Earth Day we can celebrate but not together from afar.

I went to the grocery store at lunch one day and after getting the gloves and mask on I headed in. The scene made me want to cry, everyone wearing masks and gloves and no one making eye contact with others, walking far away from people, avoiding isles so not to get too close. First thought was I have entered the twilight zone or the zombie apocalypse… it was surreal. It is interesting to know it’s not just happening here, it’s the whole world. Here in Florida we have our hurricanes and when we are shut down because of them people on the other side of the country don’t understand, just the same as we don’t understand what a snow day is. But I was speaking to tech support and the guy was in Arizona and we were able to relate with each other’s life because we were basically looking out the same window. I don’t believe we will go back to life as it once was, it will get better than it is, and hopefully we can stop dressing in hazmat suits to go to the store, but I’m sure it will never be the same, not necessarily bad but for sure different. There are certain things I miss, but mostly it’s the hugs. In person appointments. I had a job interview over Zoom. Strange times for sure.

Earth Day was weird this year, there were no normal celebrations. But I went for a walk that morning and thought what a beautiful day to celebrate the earth. Next year we will celebrate.

Weekend 16-honestly I’m losing track, good thing I write it down. 16 wasn’t much different then 15 except we were camping in the backyard instead of the cabin. We did go to Boyd Hill Nature Trail. Got some great pics and a tiny bit of exercise until the rain came. Mike worked on the camper some more and we look forward to being able to camp in other places besides the backyard. But it is what it is.

Tell me what your missing the most with the quarantine.

Stay safe, and healthy, carry-on and this too shall pass. Until next time,




It’s a whole new world out there, as most of you we are self isolating, going out to stores only when essentially needed,  staying 6 feet away from everyone, washing the crap out of hands and trying our best to not touch our faces and also trying not to go insane.

How we come out on the other side of this Corona Virus pandemic remains to be seen, but I am sure we will each be a little different.  Maybe we realize that things we thought were essential aren’t really all that important anymore.  I know personally it has made me think of what is important in life but it also has made me miss certain portions of it that I took for granted, I miss our local breweries, local restaurants and I hope they survive this.  When all is said and done and things start opening up, I will be one of the first customers at my favorite brewery (oh how I miss you 3 Daughters), keeping my safe distance and enjoying a nice cold brew.

Anyway  we have been spending the this strange time differently.  We wonder what we can and cannot do to help us stay sane.  Week 13 took us on a bike date, a normal bike date would have had us at some breweries by early afternoon, but nothing was open, except for Wawa, so we got breakfast by bicycle and headed into Clam Bayou, where we had a lovely picnic of our breakfast Sizzlies, and then rode around, took the new extension trail into Gulfport.  We rode around there and saw all the new restaurants we want to go to after this is all over.  I had my camera so I took some great photos. The trail was fairly crowded but we kept our distance.  People seemed kinder, we all have this look of, mmmm, not sure what to call it, not necessarily fear but maybe uncertainty, whatever it is, it is a weird feeling.

Weekend 14 was a camping trip in our backyard.  Let me start this by stating that every month since we had the tiny camper, we had camping reservations somewhere. Living in Florida, these reservations were made months ahead of time,  sometimes close to a year in advance, but for whatever reason, I did not make any reservations for April or May this year.  As we were not socializing with anyone we decided to camp in the backyard.  I set up the “campground” just as I would if were were in a real campground.  The nice thing about it was the pet policy was very lenient, I was even able to give Eris, the lowrider camping hound, a bath in the bathhouse. Nick and Randy came over and had breakfast and lunch, all while keeping our safe distance of course. Mike worked on adding all the extras to the camper.  He redid the one wall with leftover flooring that our neighbor gave us, added a tv and a fireplace.  We didn’t go anywhere that weekend, and while I miss seeing someplace new and sightseeing it was really very peaceful and fun.    

Weekend 15 found us at the cabin.  Mike is finishing up the bathroom. It looks great. While we have had heat at home, and when we first got here, the first night got down to 45 degrees (that was in the morning when I got up).  Nothing else much to do except go on a wild flower walk.

That’s about all for the last three weekends.  While I still have to get out my blog on Savannah’s vacation, right now I just want to concentrate on what we can do and what we are doing during this crazy time. I miss my family, my friends and just want to around them and get hugs so Savannah’s happy trip will wait until the time  when we can all travel again.

So until next week, stay healthy, safe and wash your hands…oh and don’t touch your face.


Weekend’s to Remember 10, 11 and 12-Falmouth Springs, Cypress Creek Preserve and Covid-1

So this post is being presented to you from the inside of my camper, while only working part-time, and doing some social distancing….I started to write about weekends 8 and 9, about our vacation in Savannah and then as we all know we were hit the realities of  Covid-19, Corona Virus, whichever one your prefer to refer to it as.  I am sure I can speak for everyone, it has turned everyone’s lives upside down.  I will get back to my post about Savannah shortly but for now I just wanted to do a quick update as to weekend’s numbered 10, (Falmouth Springs) 11 (Cypress Creek Preserve) and number 12, the first weekend we were home for the social distancing.

Weekend #11 found us at the cabin to work on the bathroom. On our way home we stopped by Falmouth Springs.  We took a beautiful walk down the boardwalk.  I believe the boardwalk is longer then the river.  It is a beautiful area and brings back fond memories as to when we were building the cabin and did not yet have a shower, we would work in the Florida heat and then on our way home would stop there and take a dip in the refreshing spring.  It is known as the shortest river in the world. The spring bubbles from an underground cave and travels the length of the river about 450 feet and disappears through an opening at the other end.  It is one of the many first magnitude springs with a daily water flow of about 65 million gallons.  We have been there before with high water, very high water and it flows backwards.  The air temps ares about 10 degrees cooler down on the boardwalks because it is like being in a pit, with limestone walls and beautiful green tree coverage.  I think it is one of the best local secrets around.

Weekend 11 found us boondocking at Cypress Creek Preserve, which is a 7400 acre piece of SWFWMD (South West Florida Water Management District) property located on the outskirts of Tampa.  This is a beautiful lush spot, with shade and sun.  Reservations can be made on the SWFWMD’s website, 60 days ahead of time.  It was the beginning of the social distancing request. So not sure really what was happening, we didn’t change our plans and we were very glad we didn’t.  We may have seen maybe 10 other people there the whole weekend and that was even including my mom and brother who came out to have dinner with us.  There is a combination gate at the entrance of the property, which you receive the gate code when your reservations are confirmed. There is a walk gate for anyone who just wants to hike.   After entering the property there is about a mile, dirt road, and my one advise is to take it super, super slowly, to the primitive campground, unless you don’t mind your belongings being moved everywhere but where they belong in your camper.  There are two camping areas, a primitive (which is the one we stayed at) and an equestrian.  Both can handle big rigs,  have a port-a-potty and a covered picnic table area, so if we had a few people there we could all hang at the picnic tables.  Each site has a picnic table and a fire ring.  I believe there are three campsites in each area.  We got up each morning and walked and then again in the evening after dinner.  It was so peaceful and nice not to be listening to the never ending drama that was unfolding in the “real” world.

The breweries were still open so we figured why not let’s find one.  We went to In the Loop Brewing in Land O’ Lakes, which has an awesome vibe,  with a great courtyard and view.  There was no social distancing happening there.  We brought Eris the Lowrider Camping Hound, as it was too hot to leave her behind, and upon arriving she was the hit of the courtyard by the little people that far outnumbered the big people.  The average age was 2, maybe 3.  It was jammed packed.  We stayed for one and headed back to our peaceful campground.

Everything changed the following week, the world ended as we knew it, and all Florida State Parks closed for camping, and shortly after SWFWMD followed suit.  Hopefully, our world will get back to some sort of normal or at least the new normal will become clearer and reservations will be able to be made once again.  We plan on returning, maybe in November after summer, which apparently started in Florida in March this year, and after the new normal becomes clear once again. We highly recommend this campground.  We have yet to be disappointed with any of the SWFWMD properties, so check them out when you get the chance.

Weekend #12 Covid-19, so this weekend found us at home questioning things like what would be next to close and would I be working on Monday and would the suppliers that Mike uses be open….it was a weekend of uncertainty.  The breweries and restaurants were already closed and by the time of this writing anything that is a non essential business is closed.  However, besides the breweries and restaurants all the other businesses, including the law business, are considered essential, so I have a job and Mike can do his work as well.  We are socially isolating to a point, for instance in my job there is me and a few other employees and no clients, everything is done via email,  and Mike’s job is mostly a two person operation.  So business as usual for us except for the point that no one is hiring now in my field so I am underemployed and I am afraid that until this is over as I won’t be able to get full-time work.  We only have 44 weeks before we hit the road so we plan on hanging on until then.  Hopefully things will return to somewhat normal soon.

So the fun and different thing we did last weekend was we went to a food truck. One might ask what’s so different about that? I would answer by saying it was in one of the neighbor’s yards.  Food trucks are showing up in neighbor’s yards around the neighborhood.  We have met some neighbors, (from a distance of course) that we would normally not have met previously. I have met more people these last few weeks then I have met the whole time I have lived here, which is a very long time (as in 44 years).  So if there can be a silver lining to this, people are unplugging, going outside for fresh air a change of scenery and meeting new neighbors.  The food truck was the Surly Mermaid.  It was delicious and we will be hosting them in our yard on April 1st.  So if anyone is around come on by and get some delicious food and maybe meet some neighbors (at a distance of course) and try out the new normal.

Weekend’s to Remember-Weeks 6 & 7

Hard to believe how quickly time flies.  This weekend we are going into weekend number 12 and I am finally sitting down to write about weeks 6 and 7.  It’s been a busy time for sure between working at our cabin and the house and not to mention the camper.

Weekend #6 took us to the State Fair, where I was part of the Photo Safari.  I entered 20 pictures into a contest that I had taken at the state fair. While I did not win I still had a great time.  We are not ones to go to the State Fair and do the rides and this year was no different. We went and saw the animals, the crafts and the exhibits.  One of the exhibits that was there was the Tampa Bay Ukulele Society,  which we did not know it even existed.  However, we enjoyed that the most. Fun group of people and great entertainment. They were willing to share and teach us.    I see ukulele lessons in our future.  Ukulele’s are small and can fit nicely in the camper. Mike won a beautiful ukulele, just in time for Valentine’s Day and it goes without saying that is what I received from him for Valentine’s Day.    Now we need to get him one as well so we can make some music while on the road.  I took a lot, when I say a lot of pictures, I mean 570 of them and narrowing it down was daunting. I totally enjoyed myself and seeing things through the cameras lens.  We arrived early and stayed until about dark. It was a long day and a lot of fun.  It dawned on us that more than likely that was our last Florida State Fair for a while as we will be hitting the road before next years.

Weekend #7 took us to Lettuce Lake as we were looking for someplace close to hike.  We went with our besties, Nancy, Mark and Nya.  We first started with a great breakfast at 18 Bagels and then headed to Lettuce Lake.  I have been there before, however I did not remember it being so beautiful.  It has a great nature center and beautiful boardwalks.  We saw alligators, and birds galore.  The views were spectacular and it was a photographer’s paradise.  One day I hope to get their early enough to get some great pics of the birds.

There is not much more to say about either weekend except if you haven’t been to the Florida State Fair, you should go as it is a lot of fun.  Also, if you are in the Tampa Bay area, check out Lettuce Lake, it will not disappoint.

I hope you enjoy the pics from both weekends.

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Weeks 4 & 5 of 52 Weekends to Remember

Week 4 took us to Swamphead Brewery in Gainesville where we attended the 3rd annual Wild & Scenic film festival presented by the Florida Trail Association. We had gotten reservations for Oleno State Park for one night and headed to the festival. It was a cold night but this year we were slightly more prepared for the evening that was predicted to be another cold one. We arrived at Oleno and hiked to the nature center and made it back in time to get ready to go to the festival. The festival consists of about 10 short adventure films that are generally quite exciting. The festival happens at a great brewery, appropriately named Swamphead (which happens to be Mike’s second fav brewery). After signing in we put our chairs down and got a cold beer and checked out the many vendor booths. It was a great night and great fun. We highly recommend if your in Florida the last weekend in January.

Week 5 took us to the cabin and we accidentally fell upon this location in the Twin Rivers State Forest. We headed down a long dirt road (glad we had the truck) to the very end which landed us at the Withlacoochee River. There were picnic tables there and I could see how one could boondock back there. We were there on a Sunday morning so no one else happened to be there but I imagine that it could be busy on other days for fishing, canoeing, possibly swimming and maybe camping.

I hope y’all enjoy weeks 4 & 5 in photos as much as we enjoyed taking them.

Travel on,


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Swamphead and Oleno State Park
Twin Rivers State Forest