Misc. happenings

There is more to me than just camping and hiking, I am a cyclist and a wogger (walker and jogger).I like to do charity events on my bicycle, not short ones either. More to come with that later.

This year we went to the RV Show but since watching all the YouTube shows and becoming fans it was extra fun. First, on Tuesday before the show there was a meetup with Hebard’s Travels and others from the RV Nomad movie. Fun night and new friends were made.

Mike went to the meetup and met Marissa and Nathan (Less Junk More Journey) RV Love, I’m Not Lost, I’m RVing and maybe more.

Then at the show on Saturday we went to look at the NuCamps and Mandy Lea and Kendrick were there. That was super exciting, because after all it was Mandy Lea who inspired us to make our plans. While watching her videos YouTube sent us to the next videos such as KYD, which had me listening to Trisha’s podcasts, which got us hooked on Less Junk and the story goes on from there.

After the RV show (besides running into other friends as well) we went to another meet up at Keel and Curley for I’m Not Lost I’m RVing where not only did we meet Stacy and Thomas we met others that are either living the dream or are in the planning stage like us.